Importance Of Nail Care And Different Types Of Manicure

A perfect manicured nails greatly emphasize femininity and delicacy of women. That is because hands are a mirror of health and personal care. It also speaks about a person"s personality.

Manicure is important in taking caring of your beautiful hands. Furthermore, a beautifully manicured nail together with a well-done hand care treatments is essential as they act as the calling card of every woman. Undoubtedly, one of the most important parts of the hands is nails.

Both doctors and professional manicurist advise everyone not just women but also men to keep their hands beautiful and healthy to protect hands. This means nail decoration is more than just a stylish and amazing treat for your hand. Aside from making your hands look beautiful and harmonious, it will keep them healthy as well.

Just like the skin, it is essential that nails and cuticles receive hydration because they also suffer from pollution and environmental aggressions. It is then advisable to use specific products such as moisturizers or ceramides. Also, proper nutrition is vital to maintaining strong and healthy nails, thereby fostering an exceptional finish to your manicure polish. In my experience, visiting the best nails salons near me gave my nails a clean and wonderful look.

Tips for a perfectly manicured nail

Follow these recommendations to maintain beautiful hands and fingernails

Removing existing nail polish

Remove nail polish with a lacquer thinner without acetone.
Do not use metal files as it may be too abrasive. It"s better to use nail buffer and polishers.

Clean your hands and fingernails

Nail polish application

  • Apply in a small portion and be careful not to coat the cuticles.
  • Before coloring the nails, use a protective base and let it dry for several minutes.
  • Start applying nail polish from the center. Then move on to the side and base.
  • After the nail polish dried, finish the coating by applying a clear top coat of protective enamel finish paint. This will protect the color of the nail polish.

Remove the excess nail polish

Chances are you might have applied nail polish on your skin as well. Don"t worry; you can clean it up with a swab dipped in nail polish remover.

Manicure nail types

As in the case of manicure and pedicure, you can find a wide variety of design and techniques. You can choose from the most classic to the most daring. This article will highlight some of the best and common styles offered by the best nail salon.

  • Nail art: an original and artistic manicure, in which drawings or motifs are painted on nails. Multiple designs are possible; the only limit is your imagination.
  • French manicure: Adhesives are fixed with a crescent-shaped nail, leaving free nail tips. Nails are painted with white enamel paint; then adhesives are finally removed. The result of the French manicure is a classic and elegant design.
  • Ceramics: Your manicurist will plate your nail with a ceramic layer to give it a natural look, shape, and color required.
  • Plush or velvet manicure: It ‘s a novel technique, which is essential to soften the feel of the nails, giving them a semblance of feeling with multiple colors.
  • Nail gel: Ideal for people nail biting and choose false. They are subject to the color and shape you want.
  • Crackle manicure: This style uses two distinct layers of colors. The top layer will appear cracked appear which will then show the color underneath. This is done using a specialized crackle nail polish which will shrink during the drying process.
  • Caviar Manicure: It consists of applying many tiny, roe like polish above the nail. This style causes a three-dimensional perlite effect.
  • Manicure with glitter: Ideal to give a touch of brightness to the nails, allowing you to create different designs with bright flashes.
  • Acrylic nails Manicure: This is fake nails with all kinds of designs and drawings, sometimes extravagant.

As you can see, pedicure and manicure provide a full range of techniques so that you can bring out the beauty of your nails. Adding a touch of beauty and health to that part of your body will be able to enhance the femininity of every woman.

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