Chiropractor For Knee Pain Orange Park, Florida

Can chiropractors in Orange Park help with knee pain?

Knee pain is an increasingly more common problem in our society and as a result, we see more and more patients with knee problems in our centers. Knee pain is commonly caused by muscle imbalances and structural misalignment around the hip, knee, and ankle joints brought on by poor posture, overuse & repetitive stress, and physical trauma. Chiropractor For Knee Pain in Orange Park includes a thorough examination of the muscles, ligaments, joints, posture, and gait, as well as discussing past injuries and lifestyle habits that may be contributing to your condition. In fact, there are more than 150 techniques that good chiropractor in Florida use to manually adjust the spine, joints, and muscles with varying degrees of force. The vast array of knee problems and their symptoms are far too numerous to go over here.

Every patient receives a personalized plan for their specific condition, but the following are the typical treatment:

  • Specific chiropractic manipulation techniques to  areas of restricted movement in the knee and surrounding joints
  • Normalize joint function
  • Ice to reduce inflammation, muscle spasm and pain
  • Avoid aggravating factors
  • Reduce joint inflammation and reduce pain
  • Use of support
  • Soft tissue healing with ultrasound and interferential therapy

Is physio better than a chiropractor care  in Orange Park, Florida?

Orange Park Chiropractor For Knee PainChiropractic treatment is also very effective for many other knee problems. The initial treatment for a patellar problem begins by decreasing the inflammation in the knee. Chiropractors in Clay County 32073 can help sore knees and are most effective when combined with complementary corrective exercise. All these different causes of knee pain result in slightly different kinds of pain that can require very different types of treatment. Balanced and coordinated motion of all of these structures allows the knee to move optimally and pain-free. While an athlete with lower back pain may benefit from a high-velocity spinal adjustment, you would receive care specific to your needs. Those that do, usually require the help of an orthopedic surgeon. You do not have to decide to live with the pain, reduce your activity level, or start taking more pain medication. The knee is a complex joint that relies heavily on ligaments and muscles for stability.

Do chiropractors in Orange Park work on hips?

The most common complaints in Orange Park relate to ‘wear and tear" or osteoarthritis and although a condition such as osteoarthritis is not curable, the symptoms can be reduced and the progression of the problem can be helped thanks to our unique approach to treatment. Chiropractic therapists can help in the early stages by decreasing pain and inflammation. This can alleviate joint stress, reduce inflammation, and facilitate healing of the joint and surrounding soft tissue. These injuries are usually traumatic, and occur after the foot is planted on the ground and the knee twisted too far. This can happen from injury, overly tight muscles, joint degeneration and even from foot, ankle or hip problems that shift the way the knee is used. A chiropractor may gently manipulate your soft tissue to stop muscle spasms and relieve tenderness.

How do you put your knee back in place?

Oftentimes, a licensed chiropractor for knee problems can start to address the underlying issues that are likely causing knee pain (when it isn’t from an acute injury), and use a combination of techniques to help alleviate pain. Pain can often be referred from other structures in the low back, pelvis, and hip into the knee. When pain is perceived as coming from the knee, all the anatomical components need to be examined and in addition to the knee joint, the low back, pelvis, hip, ankle, and foot need to be examined due to the direct influence they have on the knee, and vice versa. A good chiropractor in Clay County, Florida will examine the entire kinetic chain, that is, look at your feet, knees, hips, pelvis and lower back. When combined with corrective exercises that complement and reinforce your adjustments, treatment can be very effective. Athletic knee injuries are common in sports like basketball, football, and running.

While many medical doctors in Orange Park, Florida will listen to your symptoms and provide medications that may temporarily relieve pain. A knee pain chiropractor focuses on the relationships between structure and function, explains Robert Hayden, DC, Ph.D., a spokesperson for the American Chiropractic Association who has been in private practice for 22 years. One area where doctors must make that distinction quite often is with conditions of the knee. There are usually several angles of approach when it comes to treating knee pain this way. Therefore to resolve the knee pain, we may also treat other areas, to maximize long-term improvement.